5, Om Residency, Opp. Corporation Garden

Old Chhani Road, Vadodara

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Working Hour

Mon-Sat: 09:30 am To 06:00 pm


Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operation Procedure   - House Keeping

  1. I) All the common areas in the premises before the Office hours &
    during the Office hours:-

" Sweeping & damp mopping all the floor areas, such as marble, marbo granite tiles, staircase, elevator floor, sidewalls & entrance areas on regular interval. Floors shall be free of dirt, mud, footprints, liquid spills & other debris. During inclement weather conditions the frequency may be higher than once per day. When completed the floors shall have a uniform appearance with no streak, smears, swlrl marks, detergent residue or any evidence of remaining dirt or standing water. Before the office hours the floors will also be scrub cleaned.

" Cleaning of Carpets by Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

" Cleaning of Venetian blinds & other fixtures.

" Emptying all waste/Garbage bins, ashtrays from all floor areas & washing & wiping them clean with a damp cloth, replacing plastic waste paper baskets lining & returning items where they are located. All waste from waste will be deposited in the central bin outside the complex.

" Cleaning  of  glasses  at  the  entrance  &  windows  of  Reception  Lobby  & common  areas  with  suitable  windows  Squeegee  &  applicators.  Also  the mirrors in the Toilet Block will be wet cleaned.

" Removal  of  dirt,  grime,  fingerprints  from  the  wall,  doors,  door  frames, windows & window frames, etc. The cleaning shall be done using approved all purpose cleaners & lint free cloth.

" Sweeping of debris from Stairs, walkways & driveways & hose clean them on regular intervals.

" Any other internal common areas shall be covered for cleaning.

" Work Stations & Cabins in the Office will also be thoroughly dust cleaned.

" Also clean the advertisement showcase  or the hoarding from dust & other general dirt.

" Assist the Cafeteria staff in general cleaning before the dining & meal timings.

" Accomplish any other work pertaining to cleaning & upkeep of the premises ordered by the office authorities successfully.


Specialized cleaning apart from daily general cleaning will include :-

" The Garbage bins & other waste bins will be scrubbed clean.
" Checking  for cobwebs on ceiling  & around the floor corners  & clears the same.
" Wiping Electric fixtures & fittings thoroughly.
" Air condition vents to be thoroughly cleaned.
" All gate lights & compound lights must be wiped clean.
" Dusting & mop clean all staircases (Emergency) & hand railing.
" Pathways within the compound to be cleaned with a hose pipe.
" Dust & wipe clean all workstations & cabins as per the schedules.
" Thorough Spot cleaning of carpets.
" Any other areas pertaining to cleaning.
" Glass  Cleaning  Interior  glass  surfaces  will  be  cleaned  on  both  sided, through the building, such as glass partitions, glass counters, glass doors, glass security & reception booths, glass entrance door (including security pavilion)   with  the  exception   of  building   windows   where   there   is  no accessibility.
" Dusting windowsills and blinds, from common & office areas of the floors.
" Polishing the metal or brass surfaces with suitable polish material.

  1. II) TOILETS :-

Standard Daily General Cleaning Procedures :-

  1. Thorough   cleaning   of   toilets, using   suitable   non-abrasive    cleaners   &
    disinfectants. All the surfaces shall be free of grime, soap mud & smudges.
    2.  Removal of dirt, grime, fingerprints from the wall, doors, doorframes, windows
    & window frames, etc.
    3.  Removal  of  trash  to designated  areas  as directed  by the  client.  This  shall further be moved to main dump pits, keeping  dump area reasonably  in clean condition.
    4.  Wiping the fixtures.
    5.  Clean the floor drains & mop the floor with water.
    6.  Clean the toilets seats, lids & urinals fixtures  with suitable cleaning  agents &

Ill) Specialized Cleaning Services :-

  1. t) All bins from the toilets must be scrubbed clean.
    u) Washing the sidewalls & doors of all toilets with appropriate  detergents &m) Check  for  cobwebs  on  ceilings  & around  the  floor  corners  & clear  the same.

Daily Cleaning:

" The toilets are to be kept clean and dry throughout the day with cleaning at regular intervals.
" Flush all WC's and Urinals in the mornings and splash water inside the washbasins.
" Spray R6 in the Toilet Bowls, Urinal Bowls and wash basins.
" Leave it as it is for about 6 to 8 minutes.
" Scrub all toilet bowls and basins with a soft scrubbing brush.
" Flush the bowls and wash the basin with water.
" Use a Duster cloth to wipe and dry all the toilet bowls and basins.
" Ensure the lids are replaced in their place after wiping them dry for the toilet bowls and the urinal bowls.
" Wipe dry the area around the basin and wipe any water splashed around on the wall/glass etc.
" Ensure that the entire area is completely dry.
" Use a cloth dipped in R3 solution to clean the glass surfaces in the toilets including the
" Use a wet mop dipped in R1 mixed with water (1:20 proportion).
" Spray R1 and clean all the toilet tiles.
" Mop the floor thoroughly and then use a dry mop to finish the cleaning.
" Check the Soap Dispenser, Toilet roll holder, waste collector (where installed).
" Ensure that the Soap, Toilet rolls, C-folds etc. are filled and C-fold towel dispenser  and replenish them.
" The stock is to be maintained all the time.
" Finish off cleaning by ensuring that all surfaces are completely dry and no water is spilled any where in the toilet.

Weekly Cleaning:

" Follow the steps done in daily cleaning.
" Use R1 to deep clean all surfaces in the toilet.
" Use a feather duster to clean all moldings, light fittings below the ceiling etc.
" Clean the ceiling mounted fitting as per SOP HK-07.
" Scrub the marble I granite floor as per SOP HK-01.
" All fittings to be thoroughly cleaned.